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01 December 2020

Point to Jesus this Christmas

On October 23rd, we had a wonderful webinar to help share ideas and resources for how we can point people to Jesus this Christmas.

We understand not everyone was able to make it to the meeting, so here we’re publishing the video of the webinar, along with links below to the resources we discussed.

We pray these would be helpful as you plan how you will reach out to others this Christmas.

Reaching Children Overview

There are many ideas for how to reach children this Christmas.

For the children in Sunday School at your church, plan a Zoom Christmas party, since social distancing restricts meeting together. Why not drop off a goodie bag to each house before the party with crafts, games, sweets, and a book? Perhaps you can even include a CD filled with carols and hymns recorded by The Getty’s specifically with young listeners in mind.

All children know of Santa Claus, but have they heard the story of how Santa learned the Gospel? Share this engaging short with your Sunday School class or buy a giveaway case of the book, When Santa Learned the Gospel, to pass on to the neighborhood kids or your children’s schoolmates.

If you have the space, and the people–power, you might consider a live Nativity or even a drive–thru nativity. Make sure to adhere to local restrictions when planning your groups. It may even be sensible to use an online ticket system to allocate slots so not all the families arrive at once.

More Children’s Resources

Advent: Unexpected Gift

Christmas Giveaway Books: Ages 3–7

Giveaway Books for Teens

Reaching Adults

We loved Roger Carswell’s idea of sending Christmas cards and tracts to local nursing homes.

Glen Scrivener from Speak Life talked about free video resources we can be using to share the gospel, and even suggested doing a virtual advent calendar with the videos. He and his Speak Life team are also working on a spectacular 3D Christmas animated short called Let Me Go There.

Encourage your Facebook friends to get in the true spirit of Christmas by posting a link to a fun quiz called Four Kinds of Christmas. Are you a Scrooge, Shopper, Santa, or Stable? This quiz was inspired by a short, evangelistic book of the same name written by Glen Scrivener. Buy some copies to give away to your neighbors or co–workers or share with them the award–winning video based on the book.

For advent, we have a range of Advent devotional books like The Radiant Dawn or Come Let Us Adore Him. A short and splendid book, Are You Ready for Christmas?, could be handed out to friends and family.

While congregational singing is limited and many churches are unable to host a carol service this year, you can bring the music into your own home with Keith and Kristyn Getty’s Christmas CD of hymns and songs, Sing! An Irish Christmas, recorded live at the Grand Ole Opry in 2019. It’s perfect for popping through your neighbors door or in the mail with your Christmas cards.

A drive–in Carol service is something you could also consider, and if you don’t have a suitable space, perhaps a drive–in theater would allow you to rent out their lot for an evening. Have members of your church whip up their favorite seasonal sweets and stuff them in a goodie bag to hand out with some evangelistic books, such as The Greatest Gift. We also recommend giving out Gospels or tracts.

Importantly, remember to be thinking ahead for follow up. Can you invite an individual to study the Word One to One with you? Could you run a group Bible study, either in person, or online? The Essentials series, available as a book and an evangelistic DVD, makes this easier to do.

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