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The Partnership Program

What is it?

The Partnership Program is an online facility that provides your website or blog with a comprehensive online bookshop. The shop only sells biblically faithful resources that you can trust, at low prices, without it costing you a penny, using staff time, or taking up valuable building space.

You can customize your store front with your name, logo and highlighted book choices and, also have access to the whole 10ofthose catalog through your partnership site. And what’s more – your organization gets cash back for everything purchased through it. Orders are placed on your site, fulfilled by us, and shipped directly to your customer. It is an online bookshop controlled by you, but powered by us.

What do you get?

  • Resources you can trust (holding to our Doctrinal Basis – available to view on our website)
  • A personalized branded website
  • Book promotions chosen by you
  • No fees or hassle
  • A dedicated, friendly and experienced customer service team supporting your customers
  • Discount on 1000’s of hand–picked resources
  • A commission on sales

Who’s it for?

The Partnership Program is available for organizations residing in United States, though it allows shoppers from all over the world to make purchases through your site. It is ideal for those:

  • Without a building or with little space
  • Not wanting to tie up lots of money in stock
  • Who don’t want to use up staff time on a big bookstall
  • Who want to promote certain books but still offer a range
  • Interested in generating some cash without it driving up the book prices

View our sample site?

Click Here to see our sample site

Keen to sign up?

If you’re ready to sign up or want more details please get in touch. Email us here!

To read our Partnership Terms and Conditions, click here.

Linking to 10ofthose.com

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Upload the image to your website, and link it to your partner page – replace “sample” in the following example with your page URL:



10ofthose Christian bookshop logo
10ofthose Christian bookshop logo

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