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29 September 2021

Point to Jesus this Christmas 2021

Watch our webinar to help share ideas and resources for how we can point people to Jesus this Christmas.

We appreciate not everyone was able to make it to the meeting, so here we’re publishing the video of the webinar, and also links below to the resources we discussed.

We pray these would be helpful as you plan how you will reach out this Christmas. 

Reaching Children Overview

There are many ideas for how to reach children this Christmas.

Christmas Parties

Children who are already established in your church and its clubs (Toddler Groups, Sunday School, Primary and Secondary groups) may be looking forward to an in person party after missing out last year. A party bag with a wrapped book always goes down well, and of course some sweets or chocolate.

This years new book set, Love Came Down, has a board book which has simple words and phrases, which has been written especially for toddler groups. 

Advent Trails 

A great activity many people tried for the first time last year was to do an activity or advent trail. Although we’re hopeful that we can have in person parties, continuing some of these outdoor events may work really well for families outside of the church.

 Evangelistic Posters could be used to highlight which homes are taking part, and a letter or symbol in each window collected on a sheet. At the start or end of the trail have a goodie bag as above, Nay Dawson recommended the Love Came Down Activity book for going in the goodie bags. You can also check out Nay’s blog post about the nativity trail they ran last year, or sign up to the Greenhouse women’s evangelism mentoring scheme.

If you’re up for more of a challenge you could have a window display rather than just posters, and this could even be a competition, and make sure the theme is the nativity!

School Assemblies

For those with links to schools you can offer to hold a Christmas assembly, or perhaps donate some Christian books to the Christmas fair. A gift wrapped book or bible would go down really well, even if it’s just one per class which their teacher could read with them. 

You can even donate a book bundle to the PTA for their Christmas raffle!

Nativity Service

 If you’re holding a Nativity and want some resources then GoChatter Videos have a range of options, you can get customised videos and social media graphics for your church events. This year that includes a Nativity themed service with a Read–along video, customisable online invites perfect for targeted social media adverts, and and more packs for 2021 are coming soon!

Reaching Children Resources

Tracing Glory Family Advent Devotions

Advent Unexpected Gift

Advent Calendars

Giveaway Book Packs

Goodie Bag Stationery

Evangelistic Posters


Reaching Adults in the Church Overview

Advent Reading Group

For advent we have a range of Advent devotional books like Finding Hope Under Bethlehem Skies by our guest Robin Ham, or Fixated. Advent candles could also be handed out to friends and family.

For Robin Ham’s 4 week service outline for Ruth check out his blog, That Happy Certainty.

Christmas Meal

Everyone enjoys a meal, and inviting your church to celebrate a Christmas meal together is a great way to build relationships. It would be great to have a short epilogue by someone from your group, or invite an outside speaker too to share a gospel message.

This years evangelistic book, A Very Messy Christmas is a great book to make people think about the true message of the Messiah. We are currently producing a bundle of resources which will form a service which includes posters to download, invites, powerpoint slides, and activity ideas for messy all age worship.

Christmas Craft Night

Some churches have found these to be really popular, especially if you have any crafty people in your congregation who could teach wreath making, christmas cake/pudding making or Christmas card making. You could use this as a springboard to invite people to the carol service, and give away an evangelistic book to everyone attending.


Reaching Out into the Community

Our Life Magazine is perfect for handing out at events, or more broadly door to door, and we even had the capability to post out to a whole Royal mail postcode. Why not make some of the delicious truffles and pass them out with a copy of the magazine to friends and family?

Could you attend the town light switch on and give out tracts or invitations to your carol service along with a mince pie or hot drink?

We loved Roger Carswells idea of sending christmas cards and tracts to local nursing homes, and his use of a literature table or giveaway box at your events would be really useful too, and at this price it makes sense to get a little of everything.

Could you put together gift bags for homeless, NHS workers, School teachers, Lorry Drivers etc including the gospel?

We also recommend giving out GospelsNew Testaments, and even Bibles.

Importantly, remember to be thinking ahead for follow up. Can you invite an individual to study the Word One to One? Or run a group either in person, or online? Christianity Explored is also great.

Adult Resources

Advent Books

Evangelistic Giveaway Books

Christmas Tracts

Christmas Cards









 If you have more questions about resources please contact tim.foster@10ofthose.com

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