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22 January 2020

Charity of the Year 2020


This year 10ofThose have chosen United Beach Missions (UBM) to be our Charity of the Year. This means that as well as our own support of UBM there will be the opportunity for customers to support UBM when they checkout on our website. For those who haven’t come across UBM before we wanted to introduce you to the wonderful gospel work they do.

The aim of UBM is to go to places where people are to share the good news of Jesus. UBM consists of volunteer outreach teams including Beach Missions, Christian Answer, Mission Vacances, Avancer and International Student outreach . Each summer they operate about 90 missions around the UK, the Republic of Ireland and continental Europe . What does that look like?

Beach Missions are family outreach! Lively daytime programmes on the beach, with bible stories, all geared to the needs of children, parents, friends and onlookers and a range of specific family events in the evenings.

Christian Answer teams aim to reach out with the claims of Christ to present the gospel to individuals in busy shopping precincts or tourist attractions.

Mission Vacance (MV) take gospel opportunities in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Some are run as ‘Beach Mission Teams’, others more like ‘Christian Answer’.

Avancer use opportunities to work with churches in France to ‘advance’ the Gospel, ‘advance’ the work of local churches; and ‘advance’ your own knowledge of the language and culture.

International Student Outreach seeks to share the Gospel with the many international students who come to study English each summer.

For more information, and for details how you could volunteer in the work of UBM check their website http://www.ubm.org.uk/

Last year’s Charity of the Year was Crosslinks Missionaries, Alex and Kate. Thanks to the generosity of our customers the final total given in 2019 was £3,775!

Thank you to everyone who donated to this wonderful cause.

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