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16 February 2018

Introducing Jacquie and Martin!

10ofThose is committed to supporting Christian ministry, not only through the provision of the resources, but also by passing on money generated through our business.

This year we are delighted to be supporting two individuals in gospel work. They are:

Jacquie Watts

Jacquie has been working on the Yorkshire Camp team for a number of years, helping them to provide camps for children and young people that encourage them to follow Jesus. Jacquie is involved in all kinds of jobs at Yorkshire Camps, but can most often be found in the kitchens producing fantastic food for the various camps.

You can find out more about Yorkshire camps here.

Martin Povey

Martin has been involved in evangelism for many years and is an itinerant evangelist with the Association of Evangelists. He is based in the South East but travels throughout the UK with two aims: to equip Christians to communicate and defend the gospel naturally; and to help those who don’t yet know Jesus hear the life–transforming Good News.

He speaks at university, church, and FE college mission weeks/events and loves to point people to Jesus as he answers people’s objections and questions about the Christian faith.  

You can find out more about the Association of Evangelists here.

How can you support them?

Every time you make an online purchase at 10ofthose.com you’re given the option to add a donation. This donation goes directly, and in full, to Jacquie and Martin. Whether it’s 5p, 50p or £5.00 your donation makes a huge impact in supporting their gospel work. 

Additional donations will be made to gospel works, by the company throughout the year as directed by the Board.

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