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Welcome to the T4G Bookstore Catalog

It is our long–held conviction that creating a culture of reading and reflecting will lead to a fruitful congregation. Creating such a culture requires hard work on our part as church leaders, but it is worth it as we see our church members grow in maturity, discernment, and hunger for biblical truth.

With so many books available, this catalog is designed to help you and your leadership select the very best ones to encourage your church family to read. Keep hold of this catalog and use it through the year to select books to recommend, promote, and give away. If you have a bookstore in your church, give this catalog to your book buyer – with the knowledge that everything in here holds to the Bible and points to Jesus.

As church leaders, think through how you can promote these books. It’s why we carefully hand–pick everything that is in the T4G bookstore – both at the conference and in our new online store. There is much at stake. We need to help our congregations feed on books that will nourish, encourage, stretch, challenge, and stimulate as it holds to the Word and points them to Jesus. Here’s some tips to get you started:

Give away books to your congregation

As you do this, you will help your church recognize trustworthy Christian authors and books.

Read books with your congregation

This might be with the whole church as a book for the semester, or as a book group, or in one–to–ones. It’s a great way to help people read and learn together.

Give evangelistic books away and model it to your church

Books that point to Jesus change lives – so give them to unbelievers, so that they may meet Jesus! Do this individually as you engage with people. Encourage your church to do this, and model it to them by giving away books and literature at your evangelistic events and services.

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